what is god?

What is God


What is God?  Well let’s start with what He, She, It is not.  God is not a book to be worshiped as the fundamentalists believe.  There is no Bible, Torah, Koran or any other book in the universe that contains God.  He is not on any page, or phrase or collection of books.  These books are just stories about what well meaning people like you and I think God is like.  There is no truth to it except the truth you find in them.  There is no validity to any of it.  Some of it is lies, some is truth but the bottom line is that you can’t find God in a book.  God never said any of the words attributed to him because it is tainted with the views of the writer.  Are the Bible and the books like it pointless to read?  No, they contain the threads by which the fabric of civilization is woven.  We are all bi-products of the base rules of conduct and demonstrations of sacrifice and compassion these books offer.

The books are not God but they contain instructions on how we are to be god-like in how we deal with one another.  The stories about Jesus, for example, offer more than rules about not hurting each other, they talk about helping others especially those who are less fortunate.  They talk about compassion and self sacrifice, making friends out of enemies and offering us solace that as we suffer, good things will come.

It talks about the pretence of piety and how no one is without sin so we should not judge each other or be hypocritical.  Important words that people often forget when they talk about the evils of religion. Words written by men that have lasting benefits to all who hear them and use them in their daily lives.

Stupid stupid stupid men with no understanding of words, translation, or even black and white phrases like “Love God with every measure of being that you have and treat each other the way you want to be treated… on these two commandments hang ALL the Law and the Prophets” have chosen to turn the Bible into a rule book of don’t do this and don’t do that.  They subvert the Love with penalty because to them God is angry and vengeful and mean.  They don’t want to hear God say “well I don’t like everything you did but I still like you anyway.”  They are self loathing creatures who want vengeance from God for all the laws they were afraid to break.  Although Jesus did promise vengeance, he offered forgiveness for sin.  Who faces the wrath?  “Whatever you did not do for the least of these my brethren, you did not do for me.”  In other words failure to show compassion is a major mistake.  Isn’t funny how the stupid stupid stupid men spend a lot of time taking about sexual evil and yet they don’t even mention that not helping others is pretty much the worst thing you can do in the sight of Jesus.

Christianity has been destroyed by these men.  They have created enmity between Science and Religion holding that the two are mutually exclusive.  Science is the study of the unseen as much as the seen…there is no conflict as we are both pursuing truth.  True the metaphysical and the physical are at different ends of the spectrum but they are both part of God and Science. For example, the stupid stupid stupid men would have you believe that Creation and Evolution are at odds with each other and yet we know the Bible says that God formed man from the dust and isn’t that exactly what Evolution says?  The real trouble comes in terms of time frame  that creation occurred over 7 days but Jesus says, “a day is a thousand years and a thousand years but a day in the Kingdom of God”  Time, therefore, is irrelevant in an eternal reality.

Ok so who or what is God?  God is the essence of creation and the unifying force in the universe. He, She, It  lit the match that started the Big Bang.  The immensity of God can not be perceived or understood.  There is no book that can hold it.  There’s no story that can adequately explain it and no words can describe it.  As the amoeba is to us so are we to God.  Does that mean that God is too immense to hear our worries and cares?  The short answer is yes but just as the Entity has infinite size and power; it also created us to be self aware. We might be less than bacteria but just as bacteria can destroy life and cause pain, I think our presence is felt.  We are more than the sum of our human parts because we perceive the possibility of a soul.  There is a bit of the Entity in all of us and we must therefore be part of the Entity itself.  We are cognisant of truth and we have the ability to define it.  So we have the power of God.

So the essence of Divine Truth is that God exists, it is aware of us because we are small parts of a larger being.  So is there an all encompassing ultimate truth?

I think there is but it might be disappointing:  As God created us through an infinite law of cause and effect giving the appearance of random happenstance and yet we exist.  So too must we create God out of our infinite desire to define purpose and truth.  Put simply, we create God in our own image to be the God that created us.

Therefore no one who believes in something is wrong.  No one who doesn’t believe is wrong either since God is infinite and indefinable.   Our approach to God is individual and personal.  Our belief system maybe common to others but in the end our relationship with the Divine is ultimately self defined.  We are products of our upbringing and common understanding but no matter how common the faith we have notions of  a different God.  God would never forgive this or God’s mercy will forgive me of that etc.

So you make God, You made God and God is as you define him.

I wish the light was shinier and the truth more eloquent but in truth there is one God and yet billions.  One light one truth and yet more than any can count.  Put even more simply you will be judged by what you and no one else believes because God is in you and you are in God.

My God allows me to say that Jesus Christ was so close to Devine truth that he was the Son not so much for the stories of his ridiculous miracles but because he said “Consider the Lilies of the field how they neither toil nor spin and even Solomon in all his Glory was not arrayed as one of these…so if God so clothes the grass of the field which today is and in the4 morrow is thrown in to the oven, will he not so much the more clothe you…oh ye of little faith.”

One of his followers then defined him and said, “God is Love”.  That is the God I believe in.  He is not vengeful or bitter but kind.  It is a simple truth and the words, written by men, make me believe.